Norman Kelsey/A Talent for Loving
US release date: 8 January 2008
UK release date: Available as import

By Christel Loar

Norman Kelsey’s A Talent for Loving is a non-stop, dusk ‘til dawn party. From the opening beat of the title track, which is both boastful and believable, to the closing command of “Love Someone”, Kelsey takes you from the bar to the dance floor to the bedroom and back again several sweat-soaked times. He’s a soulful R&B powerhouse vocalist, and he’s somehow managed to combine perfectly some of the best elements of ‘60s-era soul and Motown with a sense of style and command not seen since Prince was at his funkiest. Tracks like “Done Lost My Mind” highlight Kelsey’s slow, seductive, soul skills, while songs such as “Fall Out” will, as the chorus says, “Rock you so hard / We falling out of your bed.” No worries if you’re all alone, either. A Talent for Loving will have you dancing your ass off all night, flying on a rhythm-induced endorphin high.

Rating: 8 out of 10
13 May 2008

Review courtesy of Pop Matters

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