"There is something happening right now in America. Right now the United States is caught up in one of those kind of grooves that make us think that maybe, just maybe we can actually become the country that we were supposed to be all along. As a nation we are not able to shake off the hope and promise that the 1960's offered up. Back in the days of dark suits, skinny ties, big hair and black & white TV's, there was a sense that "the impossible was possible." Remember the America that was depicted in the eMpTVy video "R.O.C.K In The USA" by John Cougar Mellencamp?, well that vision of America now seems to be current reality. Face it folks, we are living in special time where the leading Presidential candidate seems to embody the best characteristics of both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, where the leading musical artist of the day is a big hair British chick who sings 1960's R&B, and that "subversive integrationist", John Cougar Mellencamp is being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. So enjoy this time, while we can, it might just be all over with in six months. If you read between the lines of all of these album reviews, you will notice a common thread...

Norman Kelsey - A Talent For Loving

Norman Kelsey's album is what I would expect the "first Lenny Kravitz album" to sound like. It's full of better than average rock, soul, funk, pop songs. Simple 3 minute songs with hooks, that you can bop down the boardwalk to while you snap your finger. It's also got a few GREAT songs, that would be automatic hit records if they could be heard by the masses. And it shows a hell of a lot of potential for the artist himself to become a "universal fusion artist." It's the kind of an album that you can put on, leave on and think that you are listening to a Top 40 radio station from back in the day, playing a diverse set of music that somehow all "works together." The album as a whole reminds me of hanging out at the beach all summer and hearing great summer songs coming out of tiny transistor radios, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, that get played on BOTH the Black stations and the white stations. Buy this album now, it gets better and better with each listen, but wait till the summertime to play it for your friends, so that they can become hooked on this album, and not even realize why."

- Bob Davis,  

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