Meet the Press! Raves for "A Talent For Loving"

"(I)t shows a hell of a lot of potential for (Norman Kelsey) himself to become a "universal fusion artist." It's the kind of an album that you can put on, leave on and think that you are listening to a Top 40 radio station from back in the day, playing a diverse set of music that somehow all "works together."
- Bob Davis,  [Read More]

"Norman Kelsey’s A Talent for Loving is a non-stop, dusk ‘til dawn party."
- Christel Loar, Pop [Read More]

"(Kelsey) has totally reinvented himself as a soul man! When I first saw him perform in this milieu at IPO Liverpool 2006, I was duly impressed; the man was Prince, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson rolled into one! Kelsey is the consummate showman who gives it his all... Put on the CD, point the laser to track four, grab a loved one, and prepare yourself for a romantic evening as you dance to 'Everything My Heart Desires.'"
- David Bash, Shindig! Magazine, Oct. 2008 (UK)

"...(A) polished, fully produced, radio-ready release that's bound to have the record companies leaning in for a closer listen...A Talent for Loving is gigantic fun in a small package."
- Michael Jacobson, DVD Movie Central [Read More]

"Dashing, debonair Norman Kelsey is an old soul with a funky new sound."
- Kara Pound, Folio Weekly [Read More]

"'A Talent For Loving' (is) the catchiest song of the whole festival."
- David Bash, International Pop Overthrow Festival, Liverpool

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